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Pool Wall Brush
Our company is a provider of a variety of pool wall brushes to suit every swimming pool type and shape. These are manual brushes can help cleaning personnel to effectively clean the swimming pool walls. 
Pool Vacuum Head

Our company supplies pool vacuum head in different sizes and material, so that customers can get suitable pool vacuum head for their swimming pools.

Pool Deep Net

Pool deep net attached to the telescopic pole can be manually used for collecting the leaves, flies and other floating and sinkable material in the swimming pool. No training is required to use this cleaning tool.
Pool Water Test Kit
Buy from us this complete pool water test kit to check the water quality. This kit is required in hotels and resorts to routinely check the pH, chlorine, acid demand and alkalinity of the water.
Telescopic Pool Pole
Telescopic pool pole is required for carrying out brushing, scrubbing, skimming, vacuuming and other manual cleaning and maintenance tasks. This pole is essential attachment for any brush, vacuum, skimmer or other tool.
Pool Vacuum Hose
Sai Spa Solution is a reliable name when it comes to buying pool vacuum hose. This hose is an essential attachment of a pool vacuum helpful in keeping the pool clean and free from contaminants.

Sand Filter
Another effective swimming pool cleaning tool is a sand filter. This filter makes use of sand as a filtering agent. As the water is passed through it, it traps all the debris.  

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